Tate Against The State

Tate Against The State

When the state charges you with a crime, it must prove that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. It is such an important concept that it is part the instructions that are given to jurors in all criminal trials.

But what does that even mean – “beyond a reasonable doubt”?

It means that the jurors can only find the defendant guilty if they are convinced of his or her guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  To be clear, it does not mean that no doubt exists at all – in the collective minds of the jury – as to the defendant’s guilt.  But it does mean that based on the evidence that was presented at trial, there is no reasonable doubt.

So the state needs to prove that there is no reasonable doubt… and your defense needs to prove that there is.

And that is why you want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Choosing the right lawyer may well be the most important decision that you make in your life. You want someone in that court room defending you and telling your side of the story.  You want someone in that court room who will fight for you.  Someone who believes in you and is there for you 100% .Understand that in many cases the lawyer you choose can make a real difference in your case.


You’ve seen my tag line, right? It isn’t a gimmick. I really mean it.

Tate Against The State.

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