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Drug Offenses

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You may have been in a “pinch” for money, or you may have a substance abuse addiction, but either way you sold or helped with the sale of illegal drugs. Arizona illegal drug possession and sale punishments can be harsh. Federal punishment for “possession with the intent to distribute” can be even harsher – with up to life sentences for some drug distribution offenses.

There are several factors that need to be brought to the prosecutor’s attention which may affect the plea you are offered. There may be factors to be brought to the judge’s attention which may affect the ultimate sentence you receive. For example, are you really guilty of the crime that you have charged with or is it closer to the truth to say that yes, you were involved, but only had a minor role in the crime.

Finally, your case may need to be tried to a jury by an experienced trial attorney. I have been representing clients charged with drug crimes for over 20 years. It makes a huge difference who represents you if you are charged with a drug offense. You need a lawyer who is on your side and ready to not only help you – but fight for you. #TateAgainstTheState

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