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Domestic Violence

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People get involved with domestic violence cases every day, usually without knowing exactly where everything went wrong. I have represented many clients who’ve been charged with domestic violence, and do you know what I have learned? I have learned that sometimes tempers flare, situations escalate, and before you know it, the police have been called and you are under arrest. And there you are, alone and confused, not even sure what went wrong or how. And what’s worse, no one is willing to listen to you.

In some situations, you aren’t even solely at fault. For example, you could be in the process of getting a divorce when your spouse gets an order of protection against you that requires you to keep and remain a certain distance away. However, completely out of the blue, your spouse suddenly shows up at your job, effectively stopping you from being able to work and making it impossible for you to obey the order of protection. Or, another example may be that your spouse, who again has an order of protection against you, calls and asks you to come over. You do, and then before know it, you have been arrested for violating the order of protection, and now your divorce case, with its custody issues, is in jeopardy. Now not only are there domestic violence issues, but your case has now spilled over into areas family law. And again, you are feeling angry and deceived. And once again, no one is listening to you.

Look, you need an attorney who understands that whenever people are living together or involved in emotional relationships there is going to be conflict and tension. You need an attorney who will not only listen to you, but who will work with you. Your future is on the line, and you need someone who you can trust. If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence contact know that I will listen. You take the first step in your defense – call my office to set up a free consultation. I will work with you, and together we will develop a strong trial strategy that will give you the results you want.

If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence in the Chandler-Mesa-Gilbert area, contact my office to set up a consultation. Let’s work together to develop a trial strategy that will give you the results you want. #TateAgainstTheState

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