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You have been charged with a state or federal offense. You wish you had the money to hire a private lawyer, but the truth of the matter is you just don’t.

Still, you have so many questions that you want answers to. You wonder if there is a possible defense for your case. You keep going back and forth in your mind about whether or not you should accept the plea agreement that the prosecutor is offering and then you find yourself questioning how you can even make that decision when you aren’t even sure you even understand all the confusing legal terms in it.

Bottom line – you wish you could just pay for an attorney to answer all your questions, to explain things to you, to give you a second opinion. Here’s the thing – I can do that for you. I can be that second opinion. If you hire me – just for that – I will meet with you, (even if you are in jail), review your police report (up to 100 pages), review your plea agreement, listen to your questions – and answer them.

Why not get the best advice you can? The cost of receiving a second opinion is far less than hiring a private lawyer.

Think of it like this – if a doctor informed you that you had a serious illness that will totally impact your life, your family, your livelihood, and your future – wouldn’t you seek a second opinion? This is no less serious and affects all those things as well. You need to hear what someone else has to say. You need to reach deep inside and make a bad situation better by learning if there are other options out there for you, or other avenues that we can explore. It may just be the most important second opinion you’ll ever get. #TateAgainstTheState

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