New Year, New Opinion

If you are questioning

the legal advice you’ve received…

Get a Second Opinion

and start the New Year right.


You’ve been charged with a crime. The state has offered you a plea agreement and you are not sure you should accept it. The plea agreement requires you to serve a term in the Arizona Department of Corrections.

You are worried about your family, your job and your future. And you keep going back and forth in your own mind wondering about whether or not you should accept the plea agreement that the prosecutor is offering.

Do you wish you could talk to another lawyer? Someone who could answer all your questions and explain your options, and maybe even talk with your family? Someone who can explain the system to you? Someone who not judging you and is actually listening to you? Someone who could just give you second opinion?

Well, guess what? You can get that second opinion. Just call Loyd C. Tate and you can get a no-obligation second opinion of your situation.

Why not get the best advice that you can? The cost of hiring Loyd C. Tate is far less than the cost of hiring a private attorney. He handles major federal criminal cases across the United States and he practices in both Arizona Superior Court and City courts. He has tried over 70 jury trials. He’s the man you want to call.

What have you got to lose by not making that call?


Law Office of Loyd C. Tate

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