Bang,'re dead.


Bang, Bang…you’re dead.


Murder – or even attempted murder – is considered to be the most serious crime that can be committed, and a person convicted of murder will face the severest punishment possible.

There are different types of murder classifications, but the main three are

Regardless of which type someone has been charged with, or even suspected of committing, the overall experience can be both frightening and overwhelming

Look, I know that sometimes we just simply used bad judgment about a situation, or about another person. Other times, maybe a set of circumstances just escalated and started spiraling out of control.

There are even situations where my clients were physically there – but weren’t at all directly involved. They may be innocent and the next thing they know, they’re being charged with murder. I get it. And now, however they got there, all they really want is for someone who will sit down and listen to them. And guess what? I will do that.  No matter what the circumstances are, or where they are being held, I will meet with them and I will listen. The only thing to do in these situations is to move forward.  I can help them do that. #TateAgainstTheState.


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